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Radio - EP (Self-released)


HypoCRT 0.ThEM (Self-released)

Electronic Circus EP (Vivid North Records)

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Jнии | HypoCRT


JHNN decided to become a DJ around mid-2008 when he saw the growing trend of DJs coming out and discovering that his love for listening to good music was quite similar to the love of playing good music as a DJ. He grew up listening to a variety of music including rap, rock, dance and pop but mainly favored techno and Pop music as a kid. His other biggest inspirations include Daft Punk, Kanye West, Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, The Presets, Ladyhawke, Jay-z, Simian Mobile Disco, Deadmau5, Toro Y Moi, LIFELIKE, Cut Copy, Coldplay, Grum, Friendly Fires, Death Cab For Cutie, Death From above 1979, K-os, The Killers, Bag Raiders and Miami Horror. During the beginning of 2009, he began experimenting with FL studio and bought a free DJ program called “” (now uses Traktor pro 2) in order to gain experience in mixing songs together and fell in love with the creative process of making music and the process of mixing songs together. After numerous amounts of recording, JHNN decided to enter a remix competition and made his first remix of Dragonette’s Pick up the phone. The remix was followed by the bootleg Burns – Disko (retitled nu-disko). After a year of doing remixes (many of which were never finished, released to public) JHNN decided to Record his very first EP titled Radio on september 2010. With the rise of Dubstep in clubs, JHNN wanted to experiment with bassy sounds without losing the energy of Indie Dance that he was introduced to at the beginning of 2009. 5 months later he had finally release an unmastered copy to soundcloud after the title track Radio defined the sound he wanted to partake in. At the beginning of 2012, JHNN decided to meet some DJs by attending Beatdrop’s open deck sessions at SAIT polytechnic and worked on getting to know DJs a lot better and techniques of DJs a lot easily. He was also in the midst of recording his debut album entitled HypoCRT 0.th3m which takes elements of Dubstep, Indie Dance, House, UK funky, pop and Rap into one mix. By the end of 2012 he had 4 mixes on mixcloud via Beatdrop, 2 of his own mixes and 10 songs on soundcloud. After Finishing his Album 2014, JHNN decided to work on his production skills while beginning his written material phase for the next album. Currently he is working on starting up his first record label entitled Modest Kids ( ). He also uses his website to promote local music in indie/bass/dance that he favours and is working on his very first event. His latest promo single “Time and Place” was featured on Salacious Sound’s Soft Served along with a feature on Calgary’s local frequency magazine earlier this year and his cut copy remix “take me over” has been featured on a french blog Digipulpe and is his most popular song on soundcloud to date. JHNN continues to attempt the connection between combining indie dance music and modern dance music without drifting away from the sounds he fell in love with at his humble beginnings of DJing.


Dragonette - Pick up the phone (JHNN remix)
Burns - Nu-disko (JHNN rewerk)


Grum - Heartbeats (JHNN remix)
Non Tiq - Quiet (JHNN remix)
Muscles - Sweaty (Unreleased bootleg)
Chromeo vs. Kanye west - Touch the Night (JHNN mashup)


Jeremy Glenn - New Life vs. Return of the mac (bootleg) Radio - EP
----JHNN - Scene (Unreleased)
----JHNN - Radio
----JHNN - Missing
La Zebra - Mind Tricks (JHNN unofficial remix)
Cut Copy - Take Me Over (JHNN unofficial remix)
JHNN - HypoCRT 0: .ThEM
---Kick 1500
---Credits (unreleased)


Kris Menace - We are (JHNN remix)
JHNN - HypoCRT 0: .ThEM
---Empereur du penguin (Unreleased)
---Synphone *Unreleased*
The Presets - Promises (JHNN Remix) *Unreleased*
lifelike - Getting high (JHNN 'Weird Science' Mix)


JHNN - I'm All Yours
Rytter & Index - Snake on a Date (JHNN rewerk)
Ashton Shuffle - Won't get lost (JHNN 'lost' remix)
The Presets - Surrender (JHNN bootleg) *unreleased*
Septemberyo - The New Me (JHNN remix) *Unreleased*
Scanners - Control (JHNN remix)
JHNN - Cold Winter (version 2)
JHNN - Overtime EP
--Electronic Circus


JHNN - Untitled Business
JHNN - Unfinished Business
Paul Osinski - Swimming pools (JHNN remix)
Tronco Traxx - Walk for me (JHNN rewalk)
Zebra Katz - Tear the House Up (JHNN Tech Remix)
Tegan & Sara - Shock to your System (JHNN Mix)
Tyrek & Kuana - Get on down (JHNN mix)
Dan Dakota - Blue (JHNN 'Melld out' Mix)
Jon Delerious - Slider (JHNN 'Flipside' Mix)
Danger - 4h30 (JHNN remix)

Upcoming Projects:

JHNN - Offer Me (The Deal) JHNN - untitled track 2 JHNN - UPcoming ep (2014-2015) JHNN - HypoCRT 1: .M4A LP (genre influences: Deep House, Progressive House, Uk Funky, Indie Rock) [2014-]
JHNN - StereoTYP LP(Genre influences: Hip-hop, Moombahton, UK funky, Indie Dance, Indie Rock) [N/A]
JHNN - FrancoPHONE LP (Genre influences: French Touch, Indie Rock, Indie Dance)[N/A]
JHNN - LAND LP (Genre influences: UK Funky, Afrobeat, indie Dance, Trance) [N/A]

For booking, Remixes, or any other business inquiries, please contact my personal e-mail: JHNNAI@GMAIL.COM